Someone take my tablet away from me. I think this has been done before but I can’t find the post because you shitheads never sent it to me or something.

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"Just strip already!"

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Hello hello! it’s me again I’m sorry (ノ)´∀`(ヾ) Sososo about two weeks ago I reached 4k followers !?! Guys I’m actually speechless, it’s crazy to think that 4k of you cuties actually clicked the follow button on my blog //faints// I just- thank you thank you thank you so much everyone and just before my 1 year tumblr anniversary too (on the 23rd of July) this is the most perfect thing I could ask for *hugs you all tightly in the middle of this cheesiness* \(//∇//)\ Excuse me while I break into tears ;///; ♥

To make this extra special, I spent more time on this ff and added less people than last time, who mean a lot to me! (if you were on my last ff, I will still follow you forever and you 1000% should be here, but I wanted to make this a bit smaller, sorry! ;_;) I love all of you on here and just thank you so much for being so perfect this past year and I hope we can see each other again next year! //blushu//

You’re all put into categories too so you all know how important you are to me hehe ^^ Also, to be a little different, hover over your url and you’ll find an emoji showing how I feel about your blog (they’re all nice I promise!) ~ ♥ Thank you everyone!

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Hello everyone! As of yesterday, I have finally reached 1K! (´◠ω◠`) I want to thank my followers for following this very lame blog and if I could, hug each and every one of you. (*≧▽≦) But also I want to thank the blogs I follow for being beautiful and make my experience on tumblr amazing! ♫ヽ(゜∇゜ヽ)♪ I’ve had this blog since March 2013, but I haven’t started using it til April 2014. pls excuse shitty graphic but lately I’ve been obsessed with hamatora as you can see. art why I tried to include everyone I follow so I’m sorry if you’re not in it! also i think you should follow these amazing blogs (*⌒ヮ⌒*)

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ps. just cause you’re not bolded/italicized doesn’t mean that i don’t love you (。・//ε//・。)

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Doctor Chopper came to save you


Doctor Chopper came to save you

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katherinemcbriide: top five cute anime boys
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"wow! who taught you to do your makeup like that?"image

"wow! who taught you how to make that?"


"wow! who taught you-"


why do you know so much about sex

why are you so calm about porn

Why do you know so much about murdering people

Why do you want to murder a lot of people


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